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Attend Eastern Africa's Most Influential Hospitals, Wellness & Pharma Industry Trade Show & Conferences

The Africa Hospitals Expo provides thousands of opportunities for you to discover the broadest range of hospitals, wellness solutions providers and the latest new healthcare technologies for your personal and business needs – better than any other trade show in the Eastern Africa.

Held in Nairobi, Kenya, the Expo will welcome over 7,000 visitors, like yourself, from across Kenya, Africa and the World.

At the Expo Hall, you will discover leading providers of

  • Hospitals, wellness and care services;
  • Pharmaceutical supplies and new technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturing;
  • Medical equipment and other solutions;
  • Medical, laboratory and diagnostics equipment and solutions;
  • Pharmacy chains 
  • Providers of digital technologies into the healthcare and pharma industry
  • Providers of financial, insurance and other services
  • Human nutrition, health and wellness products and services. 

Beyond the Expo Hall, you will also discover and learn the latest investment opportunities, new technologies and market trends in Africa, as investors and managers from the private and public sector; suppliers of new technologies and industry consultants share their knowledge and skills at the daily conference sessions.

Further, to meet the needs of individuals, you will learn the latest in disease management and care, latest personal nutrition, health and wellness trends and meet and network with leading local, regional and global hospitals, care and wellness centres.

NOTE: It is free to attend the conference and exhibition – registration is available on site, where a form of identification (business card or ID card) will be required.

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3 Reasons to Visit the Expo


Network with healthcare industry players, the general public, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, government agencies, trade associations and opinion leaders at the most critical healthcare and pharmaceutical industry trade show in the region


Discover the latest new, innovative products and services for your personal and business growth from leading local, regional and international hospitals, wellness and care providers at the Expo Hall


Discover the latest healthcare technologies and services including medical equipment, medical lab and diagnostics solutions, financial services, pharmaceutical drugs and supplies and many more at the Expo Hall


Discover deep insights on the future of the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry in Africa, including on such diverse topics such as latest disease management protocols, regulatory policy changes, investment opportunities, market trends and personal health and wellness trends at the conference sessions and at the Expo Hall