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Become a Sponsor or exhibitor at the Africa Hospitals Expo, and profit from excellent relevant attention, new networks and high quality engagements with key decision makers and the public in Kenya, Africa and the World!

Give your company and its brands new opportunities to network with your present target group and win over your future customers with your products and solutions.

Thanks to the combination of hospitals, wellness and care providers and providers of new technologies and services to the healthcare industry at the trade fair, the event offers you the opportunity to showcase a complete range of products or services in one trade show – better than any other event in the region.

Give your brand an edge by taking up one or more of the sponsorship opportunities at the Expo – sponsors not only receive branding opportunities before, during and after the expo, but also bigger and more premium booth locations, speaking opportunities and impactful social media campaigns from the organisers. 

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5 Reasons to Sponsor/Exhibit at the Expo


Network with hospitals from Kenya and across Africa and the World plus other healthcare industry players including pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, government agencies, trade associations and opinion leaders and the general public  at the most critical healthcare and pharmaceutical industry trade show in Eastern Africa


Launch your latest nnovative products and services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in the region at the Expo – create new vibe and inspirations in the marketplace that will resonate with your current and potential customers in the region


Gain the competitive edge by showcasing your industry leadership in the general healthcare and pharmaceuticals space or in your specific area of focus or excellence at the Expo and conference sessions e.g. in diabetes management, diagnostics, heart health, maternal health, mental health etc.


Discover and share deep insights on the future of the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry in Africa, including on such diverse topics such as latest disease management protocols, regulatory policy changes, investment opportunities, market trends and personal health and wellness trends at the conference sessions and at the Expo Hall


Receive extensive media coverage and reporting from our own HealthCare Middle East & Africa Magazine and website and social media platforms throughout the year and gain further insights and industry outreach from our FW Africa portfolio of magazines, events and consultancy activities


Hospitals & Care Facilities

Local, regional and international multi-specialty hospitals • Local, regional and international specialty hospitals, clinics and consultancies • Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery • Ambulance & Emergency Services • Specialised Care & Rehabilitation centres for mental, dental, cancer, heart, diabetes, ENT, physiotherapy, reproductive health clinics etc. • Post-life care and management solutions and technologies

Medical Devices & Innovations

Electrical medical equipment • Patient monitoring equipment • Surgical equipment • Patient mobility and support solutions • Acute care and procedural equipment • Consumables for use in medical facilities • Automation and Merchandising solutions • Cleaning, sanitisation and contamination control products and services

Medical Lab & Diagnostics Technologies

Medical laboratory and diagnostics services • Testing, consultancy and training services • Medical laboratories and diagnostic equipment and solutions • Sanitation, cleaning and hygiene solutions • Infrastructure solutions for medical labs and diagnostic centres

Health Financing & Insurance Services

Financial services • Insurance & Pension services •  Investments solutions • FinTech and InsurTech software and technologies  

Mobility, Supply Chain & Logistics Services

Aviation, Shipping & other mobility services • Warehousing and storage services and solutions • Cold chain storage and transport solutions • Supply chain and logistics software and systems • Security, track-and-trace and fraud detection systems


HealthTech & Digital Technologies

ICT and software solutions • Telemedicine, healthcare apps and systems • Digital health technologies and services • New technologies such as AI and blockchain • Payment systems and technologies • Inventory and health-tech management solutions

Pharmaceuticals & Pharma Technologies

Pharma manufacturers and distributors of drugs • Pharma manufacturing equipment, packaging and other technologies • Pharmacists and pharmacy chains • Alternative Therapies and Medical solutions

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Solutions

Baby and mother care products and services • Food supplements and nutraceuticals • Vitamins and minerals • Botanicals and tinctures • Personal wellness services • Exercise and fitness products and services Diet and weight loss products • Organic, natural, free-from and nutritious foods

Training, Consultancy & Capacity Building

Medical and related tertiary training institutions • Consultancy firms  • Corporate training institutions • Providers of other training, consultancy and other capacity building services such as compliance, sales, accounting, Human Resources, technical, quality assurance etc


Construction, Renewable Energy & Utilities

Renewable energy and other engineering services • Construction, plant and infrastructure solutions • Utilities and support services and equipment such as compressed air, oxygen and other gases • Manufacturing and process automation solutions • Water and waste management solutions

Govt. Agencies, NGOs & Development Orgs.

Government Ministries & Agencies • Parastatals & State Corporations • NGOs & Non Profit Organisations • Regional and International Development Organsations • Local, Regional & International Research Organisations • Industry Associations